Meet Dr. David Greene, MD, MBA – Healthcare Internet Marketing Expert with US Lead Network and Founder of R3 Stem Cell

Dr. David Lawrence Greene has been at the forefront of healthcare internet marketing for the past decade, and his companies have helped hundreds of healthcare practices and entities cost effectively acquire patients through digital efforts.

In addition, he formed a regenerative cell therapy company, R3 Stem Cell, which has helped thousands of patients improve their quality of lives through nonoperative therapies.

Extensive Education

After growing up in rural Southwest Virginia and becoming Valedictorian of Martinsville High School, Dr. Greene attended the University of Virginia as an Echols Scholar, one of the highest honors the University bestows to incoming students. He then obtained his MD from University of Virginia as well. 

Dr. Greene completed his residency in the Brown University orthopedic program, with a subsequent spine surgery fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital. His extensive medical training and orthopedic surgery experience has provided him with a deep medical knowledge that has served his clients amazingly well by the ability to produce a prolific amount of medical education.

After years in practice as an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Greene decided to focus on the business side of medicine. His regenerative cell therapy company has been able to help over 11,000 patients at 38 Centers of Excellence nationwide.

As a former orthopedic surgeon who trained in residency at Brown University, Dr. Greene obtained his MBA at Arizona StateUniversity so he could effectively combine his medical knowledge with business acumen. The combination has served clients extremely well, as Dr. Greene knows very well the effect that obtaining a new, cost effective steady stream of patients has on a practice.

US Lead Network

In 2009, Dr. David Greene founded US Lead Network. The company has grown over the past decade into a leading healthcare digital marketing firm, using cutting edge methods for patient acquisition to help over a hundred medical practices nationwide.

While most digital marketing firms only focus on website traffic, US Lead Network focuses on patient acquisition. This entails evaluating the quality of the website traffic being obtained using methods such as call tracking, conversion tracking, A/B testing, conversational analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

“What you really need to know is what marketing channels are working. Being able to place appropriate tracking codes and obtaining insight into what is really helping bring in patients is key. So that’s where our focus is, and then doubling down on those marketing channels leading to the most cost-effective patient acquisition,” he added.

One of the best methods that exists today for patient engagement is through education. This may occur through educational videos, ebooks, webinars and blogging. US Lead Network maintains six separate teams so clients receive the most comprehensive healthcare internet marketing services. These include:

  • Content writers
  • Graphic Design and Video production
  • Web developers
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO and Custom Link Building

The websites produced for clients are all custom designed, with unique content being written that search engines love. The back end coding allows websites to load quickly, with the designers creating site navigation that is very user friendly.

Medical Internet Marketing Books

Dr. Greene has been very hands on with clients, and has written two books on Healthcare Internet Marketing.

The most recent Medical Internet Marketing book, which can be found on Amazon, established Dr. Greene as a leading consultant for patient acquisition using online marketing. Most digital marketing companies simply choose keywords and base campaigns around ranking them. 

Says David, “Modern, effective healthcare internet marketing revolves around quality content being produced. Gone are the days when you can outsource your content production overseas and expect the search engines to rank it highly. They are smarter than that with the factors being looked at such as visitor time on page, bounce rates and latent semantic indexing.

Having been in practice, I understand that doctors aren’t just trying to brand themselves. They’re trying to obtain new patients! The more transparent we can make the customer journey to see where the effectiveness occurs, the more cost effective the process will be.”


R3 Stem Cell

In 2012, Doctor Greene was at the Arizona State University’s WP Carey School of Business completing his MBA. ASU has consistently been ranked #1 in the country for entrepreneurial innovation, and David’s story is right in line with that.

He created R3 Stem Cell as part of a class assignment, complete with a business plan, proforma, legal analysis and opinions from several key professors at the University. According to Doctor Greene, “The resources at ASU are immense, and they really cater to those trying to engage in new technology efforts. Especially when it has the potential to change so many lives.”

In 2013, the fictional company became real after Greene received the legal analysis and realized he could do it. Since then, the company structure has changed several times, but now includes 38 nationwide Centers of Excellence that have performed over 11,000 regenerative procedures. R3 also offers provider training workshops, and is the ONLY nationwide company to achieve IRB Approval for its umbilical cord regenerative cell therapies.

R3 Stem Cell has produced a Consumer Guide for patients along with several hundred educational videos and participated in an acclaimed stem cell documentary, where Doctor David Greene was extensively interviewed about regenerative therapies in addition to researchers from Stanford, UC Irvine and other prominent institutions.

“I can’t count the amount of success stories we’ve seen over the years. You can see the Success Stories on our web presence, and now we’re collecting data under the IRB.”

R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program

A year ago, Dr. Greene decided to create the R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program. The program is a way to give back to those Heroes who have served American to keep it safe, free and shape the minds of future generations.

Recipients include Military Veterans, First Responders and Teachers. Anyone can be nominated, and people can actually nominate themselves. The winners are chosen without regard to age, ethnicity, location, etc.

“All we want to see is the story in the nomination and what makes that person a Hero. You don’t have to be the person that killed Osama Bin Laden, you could be the woman who taught first grade for thirty years. They are ALL Heroes in our book!”

Nominations are received through, and the regenerative stem cell therapies occur in Las Vegas during the R3 Stem Cell Provider Training Workshops. Also people may call (844) GET-STEM to start the nomination process.