“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

– Maya Angelou



Over the years, Dr. David Greene’s main passion has included helping others through compassion, education and innovation. He has been a leader in two fields since he left clinical practice, including healthcare internet marketing with US Lead Network and regenerative cell therapies with R3 Stem Cell.

“I’ve never been a fan of just settling for the status quo. Innovation is a cornerstone of what makes America great,” he says.

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Medical Internet Marketing Expert

Dr. Greene has been a leader in medical internet marketing with his company US Lead Network, having written two books on the topic and worked with hundreds of medical practices across the country on successful and cost effective patient acquisition. The digital marketing methods incorporated for clients are ethical and innovative.

Any medical practice looking to grow the patient base through digital marketing knows just how complicated and frustrating it can be. In order to offload the heavy lifting from the practice, Dr. David Greene’s company has seven teams that specialize in everything from custom website creation to paid advertising, SEO, custom link building and artificial intelligence for online marketing success.

The difference between US Lead Network and other medical internet marketing companies is that, under Dr. Greene’s guidance, the company has focused on all aspects of the Customer Journey. Not just getting website traffic that may not convert at all.

The real passion for Dr. Greene’s medical marketing company involves patient education. “Patients really need education that is accurate so they can make informed healthcare decisions when they see their doctor. We help create that content in various formats – ebooks, blogs, videos and website content libraries.”

US Lead Network maintains clients nationwide, and Dr. Greene actively speaks on healthcare internet marketing as well. He is available for a free consultation by calling (877) 791-6466.

R3 Stem Cell

Over seven years ago, Dr. David Lawrence Greene created a regenerative therapy company, R3 Stem Cell, that has performed over 16,000 procedures worldwide safely. The procedures have helped change many lives through its 38 partner Centers of Excellence, helping individuals often avoid surgery and get back to their passions in life.

The regenerative biologics used in the procedures are all ethically obtained and processed at FDA certified facilities. Dr. Greene’s company has been the only one in the country to obtain IRB approval for its regenerative cell therapy protocols using umbilical cord and amniotic tissues.

The patients include everyone from athletes to celebrities, grandparents, CEO’s, manual laborers, students, teachers, veterans, and first responders.

In 2018, Dr. Greene started the R3 Stem Cell Heroes Program. This is a unique program that selects military veterans, teachers and first responders to receive free regenerative cell therapies. Any one can be nominated, even by themselves, if they fit into one of these categories.

“I felt it was important to acknowledge and give back to those who have played a critical role in the freedom of our country along with shaping the minds of our future generations. We tend to take our freedom for granted, when in actuality no other country enjoys what we do as a result of their sacrifice.”

One of the first patients to receive stem cell therapy under the Heroes Program was David O’Connell, a Desert Storm Veteran suffering with several debilitating medical conditions. Three months after his procedure, Mr O’Connell said, 

“Greatest benefit is a dramatic decrease in pain, 20+ years of constant chronic pain is I’d say 98% gone! Really knocked it out of the park. No pain in my knees, no aches in my shoulder or back and fibromyalgia like symptoms are completely absent. “